About Us

Who are we

We are IVF specialists with one common feature – love for Africa. We all at one point in our lifes decided to start to work in Africa. Our reasons were various: Curiosity, experience, adventure, busines opportunity… We did not know each other at the beginning but the world is small and especially world of assisted reproduction so over time we met, we started to cooperate and we found out we can not live without Africa anymore.

How do we work

Our team of European specialists is coming every month to Accra, Ghana to provide the patients who need IVF treatment using donated eggs with their services.

Our company has got partnership with Airport Women´s Hospital in Accra whose IVF laboratory is working over 3 years and is very well established in the region. We contributed with out own equipment and now our European team comes to work there.

Our mission

IVF is still in its infancy on black continent, it still needs a lot of investments, energy, ideas and specialists. But it is growing every day and more spread it becomes more affordable it is going to be for all. During our numerous missions we noticed that there is a lot of infertile woman whose only chance to have baby is by using eggs from another woman – donated eggs. And we also noticed that it is very difficult to find egg donor in Africa due to lack of regulations, information and non existence of organisation which would be able to find and match appropriate egg donor with patient. And surprisingly it is not easy to find egg donor with dark skin even in Europe or America! So that was why we decided start our activities in Ghana – beautiful and safe country. Our aim is to utilize our long time experience in field and to work in Africa with European quality.