Egg Donation

Who are our donors

We co-operate with local agency „Woman’s Joy“ who help us to recruit the donors. Our donors are usually students or mothers on maternity leave who are maximally 30 years old. We provide strictly anonymous donation which means that identity of both donor and recipient stays undisclosed to the other party.

How do we choose and test our donors

Before we decide if some woman is suitable to become to be egg donor, she needs to fill in the questionnaire asking her about her personal medical history and about family medical history. If we do not find any problem young woman can be included in our donation program.

Each donor is tested for the following:

  • HIV – 1/ HIV – 2
  • Hep B SurfaceAg
  • Hep B Core Ab
  • Hep C antibodies
  • RPR (Syphilis)
  • Chlamydia culture
  • Bloodgroup
  • Sickle cell

We offer posibility to perform also genetic tests on donor. Please contact us for more details.