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Patient Journey

First contact

Contact us via form on the website or via whatsapp number: We come back to you and organize Skype or Whatsapp consultation with our gyneacologist or medical supervisor.

Required tests

You will be asked to deliver results of some medical tests to make sure you are suitable candidate for egg donation.

Patient (woman)

Medical history

Ultrasound of the uterus – measurement of endometrium on 14 – 16 day of natural menstruation cycle (picture from the ultrasound is required).

For patients over 45 internal medical check-up, mammogram and cervix cytology is required.

If the patient is in menopause, she will need one month of treatment using 2 mg of estradiol valerate 3 times a day. After that ultrasound is performed on day 12 (picture from the ultrasound is required). Only women up to 50 years old are accepted for the treatment.

Partner (man)

Serology (HIV, Hep B, Hep C, Syphilis)


Formalities before traveling to Ghana

If you decide to have treatment with us and if you are considered the suitable candidate for egg donation by our specialists we need to make sure that all formalities necessary for your travel are settled.

Vaccination and profylaxy

Yellow fever vaccination is obligatory for entering Ghana. Please make sure you get the vaccine before you travel. It is usually also required for obtainig visa to Ghana.

Malaria profylaxy is recommended in this area for people coming from countries without malaria occurence. Malanil (or Malarone) can be used in early stages of pregnancy.

Also please make sure you have appropriate travel insurance before you fly. Let us know if you need our help in this.


Please check if you need visa to travel to Ghana. We advice you to contact Ghanaian embassy in your country to make sure. Contact us if you need our help in this.

Set up the date of your treatment

After the exact date of your treatment is set up, you will be given instruction about what medication you need to take. You will be in close contact with our co-ordinator to make sure you understand correctly.

Flight and hotel booking


As soon as we decide about the date of your treatment you should book your airticket. You might need to show your airticket upon VISA application! We will organize an airport pick-up service that will take you directly to the clinic or to your hotel. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport holding a name plate.

Choose your hotel

We recommend you to choose one of the following hotels as they are close to the clinic. For Ibis hotel you can also profit from bit better corporate prices. Please refer to Ebony IVF while booking Ibis hotel to get better price.

  • Ibis Style Accra Airport
  • African Regent Hotel
  • Golden Tulip Accra

You are free to choose your own place to stay, however due to the heavy traffic in Accra Ebony IVF will be able to take care of your transportation during the treatment only if you stay in the above hotels or nearby.

Duration of your stay

We recommend you to stay one week (7 days) with us. You should arrive minimally one day before egg collection of the donor. On the day of egg collection, we will need partner to provide us with fresh sperm sample which we will use for fertilisation of the eggs by ICSI. After that we prefer if you stay another five days to make sure we can select the best embryos for you.

Day of transfer

Transfer can be done on day 2, 3 or 5 after fertilisation. It depends on number and quality of embryos. Generally speaking, we prefer if the transfer is done on day 5 after fertilisation. After the transfer you will obtain the report informing you of the transferred/remaining embryos. In addition, you will receive a document with post-transfer instructions as well as medication you will need to take to support the pregnancy.

Pregnancy test

14 days after the transfer you will need to make an appointment with your doctor and perform the blood pregnancy test (β-hCG and Progesterone level in blood) and inform us of the result. Depending on the results of both pregnancy hormone and progesterone levels in blood, you will be given different medical instructions.